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Moldable Ear Plug

Are you looking for some soft moldable ear plugs that you can take on trips? then you may want to check out these 12-24 pairs soft moldable silicone ear plugs in 2 travel storage boxes 27db. These plugs are sure to keep you comfortable and help keep your head and ears safe.

Moldable Ear Plug Target

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Best Moldable Ear Plug

This moldable ear plug is perfect for kids in your house who want to hear themselves talk. The plug is made of durable silicone and will never need to be replaced. The 6-pair set comes with a case to keep your little one safe. the macks soft moldable silicone putty ear plugs are perfect for kids who love to play music and watch tv. The plugs are made from soft, flexible silicone and are fit for a variety of sizes and shapes. With their comfortable fit, these ear plugs are perfect for any environment. our moldable ear plug is perfect for those who want to sleep without any noise. The ear plugs have a noise cancelling feature which makes it easy to sleep without being disturbed. The soft silicone material helps keep the ear plugs in place and they are also water resistant for an easy clean. these ear plugs are made of silicone and will heat up over time. They will not fit as snug as they do in the photo but will still be comfortable. They come with a 12-pack of noise cancelling reducing sounds.