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Resin Ear Plug Molds

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Ear Plug Molds

This is a clear ear Plug mold for epoxy Resin 2 size 14 mm-22 mm, it is top-of-the-heap for ear plugs that have a clear material that can be attached to them using a number of perforations. This mold is furthermore okay for other items that may have a clear material such as watches, earrings, and rings, these Resin ear plugs are exceptional for admirers who yearn to avoid getting allergies or colds. They are clear and have an unique design that will make your music stay in your ears, they are made from silicone and size is 5 mm and 20 mm. The craft Resin mold for ear plugs is produced from gauge Plug heart pear shape b-95, it is a craft materials that you can use to create your own ear plugs. The ear Plug will have a heart-shaped Plug that is fabricated from gauge, it will have a silicone material on the bottom and a craft Resin on the top. This craft materials will make it so you can create different ear plugs for your own needs, this ear mold is for ear Plug castings needed for piercing and earring making. It is manufactured of 10 mm silicone epoxy Resin and it can be used to create plugs, ears, and earring sets, it is moreover sensational for jewelry casting. The ear mold is available in two sizes, the small size can fit into a head of hair and the large size can fit all of the hair on the head.